3 Artisan Bakes For All Bread Lovers

October 29, 2020

From buttery brioche to all natural pies, there are lots of options to entice you this Christmas. Whether you’re captivated by their astonishing aesthetics or the amazing mouthfeel from each bite, here are some of the top bakes to satisfy you this festive season. 

In Cedele, we believe in serving only the best for our customers. For our Christmas special, our special bakes are crafted to ensure maximum satisfaction while being friendly on your waistline. Preorder now as you dough not want to miss these out.

Christmas Brioche Wreath With Spinach Onion Cheese Dip, $30

This beautiful wreath is buttery and packed with flavour. Enjoy this perfect appetizer with spinach onion cheese dip. Unrefined flour is used to make the bread. As unrefined flour is less processed, it is a healthier option as compared to white flour. Its natural vitamins and mineral are still present and reduces the risk or heart related illness such as stroke and heart attack which is commonly associated with frequent consumption of white flour.  

Our high in protein cream cheese dip is freshly made in our kitchen. It is low in fat and  flavoured with herbs and spices, reducing your consumption of sodium. 

Christmas Panettone, $28

Share this giant classic Italian fruit bread with your friends and family. Made of all fresh ingredients, this zesty brioche consists of slow-poached lemons, orange peels, cranberries and apricots. Entirely prepared from scratch, it is baked in our kitchen upon request for maximum freshness. At $18 for 6 pieces, these sweet fluffy fruit bread is available in mini size too. You simply cannot miss this out. 

Known as the powerhouse of antioxidants, consuming cranberry reduces the chance of cancer. Free radicals, which are naturally produced in our body, cause cancer. Antioxidant, reacts with these free radicals and forms a compound, thus reducing cancer cells. Other food such as cherries, broccoli and blueberries are also packed with antioxidants. 

Classic Minced Pie, $22

Adhering to the Christmas tradition of minced pie. This is a fresh and improved rendition of everyone’s must-have. Encased in a crumbly ground almond tart pastry, it contains the perfect contrast of a boozy mixture of spiced apples, pears, currents and rum. Only the freshest ingredients are used for this vegetarian pie. Alcohol is present for this, so you might want to skip this for your little one. For an alcohol free option, opt for the Fig and Pear Gingerbread Minced Pie. A delightful mixture of fragrant spice, this flavour is hard to miss. Every bite will leave you wanting for more, making it a perfect tea time snack.

Cedele’s Christmas menu is available now. Whether you are eyeing the turkey or the hampers, shop online and order ahead this year and receive free delivery for orders above $80. Cedele Rewards Member can also enjoy double rebates on all festive items. Shop away now!

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