Briossant – The best of both world!

October 25, 2020

A dreamy piece to wake up for.

Introducing our new artisanal collection – the Butter Briossant.

Briossant, as its name would suggest, is a unique combination of two classic French pieces – Brioche and Croissant.

We have seen several hybrid French pastries like cruffins, frissants, cronuts around… but Cedele’s Briossant is indeed one of its kind!

This uniquely handcrafted piece is made round in shape, taking a vibrant golden brown layered and feuilleté classic croissant top with a moist brioche interior. The brioche interior is made from dough enriched with butter and eggs, creating a rich, tender moist crumb and puffy texture.

How to savour this? Slice it, toast lightly and spread with some fruit jams. It’s a delicious piece on its own too!

Our Briossant is also available daily at selected outlets for self collection. This includes Novena Square, Jelita, Frankel Avenue, City Square Mall, Great World City, Raffles City, Parkway Parade, Greenwich Mall, The Star Vista, Hill V2, Waterway Point, Dunearn Link@896.

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