PT03 Cedele Granola & Whole Almond

PT03 Cedele Granola & Whole Almond

Rich in protein and fibre, as well as a range of vitamins and minerals, this healthy snack possesses a nutty and earthy mouthfeel, and packs a whole lot of crunch.

At the heart of Cedele, we strive to uphold the ethos “Eat Well, Be Well”. We believe that besides physical nourishment, the food you eat also affects your whole well-being.

To serve food that is honest and wholesome, we take the care to select the freshest natural ingredients to craft our food, giving you the peace of mind when you dine. Our baked goods are sweetened with organic unrefined sugar and we do not use artificial, processed ingredients such as food colouring, improvers or premixes. We also thicken our soups naturally with vegetables.




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