Happy World Vegan Month

November 19, 2020

This month we celebrate all things vegan. Whether you choose veganism for its health benefits or ethical reasons, let’s all admit, being a vegan is definitely not easy.

Being a vegan require lots of self-discipline, looking through menus before dining out with your friends or checking with the store to make your food vegan friendly. Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it!

Reducing one’s intake of dairy, meat and animal derived food has a drastic positive impact on both the environment and our bodies.

Do you know that choosing a vegan lifestyle can reduce your carbon footprint from food by up to 73 per cent. It can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emission as cattle rearing requires large amount of land space and water use.

Dairy is known to have many negative impacts on your body. Individuals that cut out dairy from their diet often identify reduced in bloating, lessen in acne and a boost in mood. This is due to the hormones present in dairy. It may trigger our insulin levels and also cause mood swings and make us lethargic.

There are plenty of vegan friendly food options at Cedele. Let’s start off with cakes. Everyone needs a sweet treat once in a while and dairy seems to be an essential component of cake making, hence finding vegan cakes can be a chore.


This latest addition is not only a feast for the eyes, it promises to leave you craving for more. Coated in decadent 70% couverture dark belgian chocolate, layered with the finest earl grey mousse and sandwiched between fluffy, moist sponge cake, this is makes use of tofu as a dairy replacement.


Our bittersweet and guiltless matcha cake not only vegan, it is also gluten-free. Love cakes that are reduced in sugar and safe for your waistline? This is the perfect option for you. It incorporates earthy matcha powder, quality couverture chocolate and packed with antioxidants. The cheesecake is made with tofu, giving it the taste and texture of a cheesecake!

Grilled Beetroot and Avocado Burger

Encased between soft and buttery potato brioche buns, this vegan-friendly burger is available at our all-day dining outlets. It consists of a pleasingly smoky grilled beetroot slice and wedged avocados, topped with tomatoes and lettuce. Paired with a bowl of mushroom soup, it’s simply delightful.

Veggie Shrooms Thins

For those in a rush, this wrap promises to provide you with a balanced meal. It has scrumptious filling sprinkled with cheese and rocket leaves in a sandwich wrap. For an extra crunch, it is toasted to a crisp. Packed with vegetables, it ensures your fibre of the day is achieved.

Meat Free Box

Having your friends over? Everything in this box is as its name suggests – meat-free. Specially crafted for our beloved vegetarians, this meal box includes 1 juicy breaded cheese portobello schnitzel, 2 breaded beetroot croquettes, 4 cauliflower almond poppers, grilled peppers and greens, with a side of harissa sauce.

With a large variety of options available at Cedele, enjoy these vegan food with us and make a positive impact on the environment and our body.

Eat Well & Be Well

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