Looking Back at Cedele’s History

May 19, 2021

Let us take a trip down memory lane and look back at some milestones in our history to honour and celebrate the past 20 years


Our founder, Ms Yeap Cheng Guat started Bakery Depot along Upper East Coast Road in 1997. After spending many years in multinationals (MNCs), Ms Yeap decided to put her passion for baking to the test. Since day one, we’ve been dedicated to using time-tested techniques and quality ingredients to make our breads and pastries. This means making our breads from scratch using a long fermentation process.

Did you know? One of the first cakes available at our first store was the Carrot Walnut cake. We are glad that this classic cake has become such a fan-favourite that it is a mainstay on our menu.


Cedele launched its first bakery cafe in Republic Plaza, extending our reach into the Central Business District. Our menu expands: we start serving hearty soup with gluten-free options, fresh salads and delectable sandwiches.


Our first casual all-day dining restaurant opens at Wheelock Place and we offer a healthy range of satisfying main dishes, as well as luscious desserts.


Our enthusiasm to provide nutritious, creative food for you has not wavered. In fact, we brought our “Eat Well, Be Well” ethos overseas in 2013, opening multiple outlets in Hong Kong.

In these few years, we have also introduced 4 new concepts: Toss & Turn, Workspace Espresso Bar, Chiak and Greater Lot. These concepts are guided by our underlying principles of using the most honest, time-tested methods to create food that nourishes you.


As we celebrate our 20th this year, we look back in gratitude to you – our customers. Our philosophy still holds true wherever we are: to provide creative food that not only physically nourishes but also impacts your whole wellbeing, so that you can continue to eat well and be well.

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