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July 2021 marked 24 years since Cedele started The Bakery Depot at Upper East Coast Road. What began as a simple desire to make honest food has turned into a fulfilling journey of creating nourishing food for your wellbeing! 

Cedele was founded in 1997 with a passion for cooking and baking using fresh, natural ingredients, becoming a pioneer in Singapore for quick, casual dining concepts packed with the goodness of bold and authentic flavours. We were also the first in Singapore to introduce superfoods into your everyday meals! In the early days of incorporating Cedele, the brand found itself scattered with bakeries throughout the various Singaporean neighbourhood offering run-of-the-mill items, and it took the founders’ vision to see the potential of making bread a lifestyle concept, presenting unique selections and sleek outlet stores that revolutionised the food and beverage industry to what it is today.

Following Cedele’s success, the founders have continued to roll out new concepts such as Cedele’s Bakery Café, Bakery Kitchens, All Day Dining, to Toss & Turn Salad Bar, Workspace Espresso Bar, and with the need for a new concept due to the pandemic of 2020 to present, we found another footing by venturing into the Cloud/Virtual Kitchen scene.

Did you know? Our best-selling sandwich the Rosemary Chicken Sandwich was first introduced in 1999 in the CBD area, many of the sandwiches available then were mostly processed, but Cedele’s was and continues to be made from scratch, using a rather long process!

Taste Matters

Fast forward 24 years and 30 stores later, Cedele today is an artisanal food and beverage chain offering a wide selection of soups, salads, breads, cakes, sandwiches, greens, grains, grills and a whole lot more. Our principled approach means we say no to trans fats and artificial ingredients, and we carefully select each and every ingredient for its nutritional richness and exceptional flavour, while our philosophy remains the same: to create deliciously nutritious dishes from quality ingredients using authentic, traditional slow-cooking methods paired with uncompromising principles for food integrity.

All our recipes are taste-tested and made from scratch each day, so you can always enjoy creatively combined food that is positively delicious! What we do may sound simple, but it’s far from the ordinary, as Cedele continues to captivate Singaporean’s hearts through our honest to goodness food that nourishes the body and enables Singaporeans to eat well, and be well.

Did you know? One of the first cakes available at our first store was the Carrot Walnut Cake, which remains a favourite till this day!

Where to next?

“I hope that Cedele will become synonymous with eating healthier and taking care of oneself. For 24 years I have promised myself that what we serve must be as good as how I would feed my own family and friends. We want to continue upholding that in the future, to be cooking and respecting food as it should be enjoyed and eaten. To us, food is passion; food is love.” – Ms Cheng, Founder

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